Night Clubs and Casinos Can Attract More Young Indian Tourists to Sri Lanka : John Amaratunga

June, 13, 2019

Addressing an event in Colombo yesterday (12) Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs John Amaratunga noted that, Sri Lanka needs more entertainment activities in order to attract tourist to Sri Lanka.

Minister Amaratunga also offered his support to hoteliers to recommence nightclub and casinos, emphasizing that it is one way to attract younger Indian tourists to Sri Lanka.

“Our casinos are no doubt an attraction for many Indians, but the complaint that I get from the Indian authorities often is that there isn’t enough entertainment in the city of Colombo and outstations. This is a key reason why most Indians go to other competitive destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Younger people look for entertainment in the night, although others want to enjoy at the later part of the day,” Minister Amaratunga stated.

“I have been telling The Hotels Association of Sri Lanka (THASL) that they should start their nightclubs. At least now they should think of it, because this is one way of attracting the younger Indian tourists to come to Sri Lanka,” Minister pointed out.

Minister Amrathunga further noted that Colombo hotels had to limit their entertainment business, due to the incessant troublesomeness by few locals and currently those people are no more.