Only 10% approve the way current government is working – Survey reveals

March, 3, 2022

Verité Research launches Gallup style “Mood of the Nation” poll in Sri Lanka

Government approval rating is only 10%

Gallup is the most reputed polling organisation in the world. It runs a regular “Mood of the Nation” poll in the United States. Verité Research has adapted that same poll and scoring methodology to follow the pulse of the people in Sri Lanka.

The poll assesses approval, satisfaction and confidence in relation to the government, the country and the economy. This marks the launch of a new syndicated survey instrument by Verité Research, in collaboration with Vanguard Survey in Sri Lanka, into which other stakeholders can also add their questions.

  1. Government approval rating – 10% 
    • To the question, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way the current government is working?” only 10% said they approve.
  2. Sri Lanka satisfaction – 6%
    • To the question, “In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in Sri Lanka?” only 6% said they were satisfied.
  3. Economic confidence – negative (-) 82.96 
    1. Multiple choice questions on the condition and trajectory of the economy are used to generate an economic confidence score. The score can range from negative (-) 100 to positive (+) 100. A score above zero means more people see the economic conditions positively rather than negatively. If everyone thinks the economy is in either excellent or good conditions, and everyone also thinks it is getting better the score will be positive (+) 100. If everyone thinks that the economy is in a poor condition, and everyone also thinks it is getting worse, the score will be a negative (-) 100. The score is a negative (-) 83 because the average of those who thought the economy was a poor condition, and those who thought it was getting worse, was 83%.

Implementation of “Mood of the Nation”

The poll is based on an island wide nationally representative sample of responses from 1,021 Sri Lankan adults, conducted in January 2022. The sample and methodology were designed to ensure a maximum error margin of under 3% at a 95% confidence interval. The polling partner was Vanguard Survey (Pvt) Ltd.