Quotation called for reclaiming land for Kottawa new city

May, 16, 2014

The reclaiming and filling of the marshes for the proposed city near the Kottawa interchange of the Southern Expressway is to be handed over to the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC).

While commenting on this issue, Urban Development Authority (UDA) Deputy Director – Planning, Priyani Navaratne said, “We have requested for quotations for the filling and reclamation of the necessary land from the SLLRDC. The reclamation work will begin as soon as we get the quotations.”

“The reclamation of this land has been entrusted to the SLLRDC to maintain the necessary standards and quality of the work done,” Ms. Navaratne added.

This new city is proposed to be set up on 25 acres of land which includes the present marshy land adjoining the Pizza Hut Restaurant in Kottawa. While a passenger bus terminal is to be set up for buses plying the Southern Expressway, the city is also to include a supermarket complex, a housing complex and several government institutions are also to be shifted here.

This location is to be developed into a transport hub with the railway track too to be extended to this site, said Priyani Navaratne.
It has also been decided to provide opportunities to private and state sector institutions to construct building of over 10 stories for office facilities within this new city.

The UDA is to reserve an extent of five acres for this particular facility.