Santa Claus brings unprecedented cheer via BeyondWealth; a rollicking season for doctors

December, 26, 2018

~ Wealth Architects to make meriting doctors even more affluent

Doctors are getting a bushel load from Santa this season of good cheer, and the bonanza is Beyond Wealth’s Professional Investment Services for doctors working hard for their money. Doctors being busy professionals, have little or no time to know how and where to invest for best results. But now they can have money working for them, with Beyond Wealth.

‘Beyond Wealth (BW) believes that doctors — even specialists — need a specialist when it comes to financial planning, wealth protection and creation, by wisely managing money and investments. At Beyond Wealth we have the experienced financial planning, investment services and advisory experts who could help doctors who deserve to be wealthier, as rich as they deserve to be,’ said Indrajith Fernando, director Sib, and BW.

Strategic Insurance Brokers (Sib), commencing this season provides an unprecedented motor vehicle, life, plus health insurance and critical illness cover for doctors, a service which they have been providing for many groups including blue chip companies. In short, it is life, plus plus, from them.

‘There are so many important investments of interest offered by BW and Sib to our members, and during the members’ discussions with BW, they can focus on the specific implications for their futures in terms of Insurance mainly motor vehicles, vital insurance covers and Investments’ noted members of the Doctors’ Welfare Society of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (DWS).

‘Our member doctors now have a newly refurbished “520” cafeteria in the form of a modern members lounge too, in a prime area conveniently located in the National Hospital Quarters premises. Beyond Wealth will support the enhancing of the facilities and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for the membership. The partnership also allows our organization to reach the best vehicle insurance, banks and finance institutions throughout the country, through Sib and BW," the Dr K H Buddika Saman Kumara Secretary DWS added.

‘The DWS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sib and BW that sealed this partnership, and as a result among other things, doctors could optimize their time in financial planning and investments. In addition, Sib, the Insurance partner, offers facilitating better insurance starting from Motor vehicle for doctors, with exclusive and very attractive premiums’, Sib COO Piyal Goonewardena said.

‘As a bonus, doctors will be helped with enhancing any existing insurance coverage with our local insurance and global re-insurance partners, as and when such extended coverage is required,’ Shiranthi Chief Reinsurance Officer of Sib added.

‘In this season of good cheer and beyond, Santa has a bagful of benefits for doctors,’ quipped Marina Goonewardena, Senior Wealth Architect at BW. She said expertise would be brought to the doctors’ door, with BW Archtects being granted access to doctors cafeteria and recreational areas. ‘We make ourselves available and provide services at their leisure for the doctors in the form of financial advice they need’, she said.

“Doctors work hard for their money and we ensure that money works for them. The immediate benefit for our membership will be a very attractive vehicle insurance cover at unbelievably lower premiums. Right now we all know from membership response from our doctors, that there will be great attendance at the consultations with Sib and

Beyond Wealth, but we will make it possible for people too busy for the consultations, to join the discussions easily by having the Team members — Wealth Architects of Beyond Wealth — reaching them directly,” Charini Weerasinghe Wealth Architect added.

‘We are thrilled to partner with these physicians of repute and are happy they reaffirm professionals’ faith in our organizations as the best option they have, for making minimal-risk and productive insurance investments, while having wider insurance cover”, says director Sib, Indrajith Fernando. “Their passion and dedication for giving people quality health care is already well known. It’s an honor to be able to give similarly sound advice to these folk,” he said.

The DWS is primarily involved in providing and enhancing value added services to its broad membership base, and their family members. BW is the pioneer Independent Financial Advisory service, nearing two decades of service to Networth clients, and is all about financial planning, and financially enabling people’s dreams and personal goals. By advising clients, BW enables them to realize their dreams and aspirations. The firm is absolutely and in every sense of the word, independent, and maintains that status by offering a wide array of financial instruments, through a raft of special selected partners.

Photo caption: (From right) Shiranthi Goonewardena - Chief Reinsurance Officer Sib; Charini Weerasinghe - Wealth Architect BW; Piyal Gonnewardena - Chief Operations Officer Sib; Indrajith Fernando - Director Sib & BW; Dr. J. Chandika Sanath (Asst. Sec. GMOA Branch Union NHSL); Dr. Danushka Devapriya - Exec. Committee Member GMOA; Dr. Roshan Osman (Asst. Sec. GMOA Branch union NHSL); Dr. Nisatha Sugunapala (Co. Sec. GMOA branch union NHSL); Dr. Upul Narandeniya (Treasurer DWS NHSL) and Dr. K.H. Buddhika Saman Kumara (Sec. DWS)

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