Size of dollar bag for Twenty20 World Champs Sri Lanka

April, 7, 2014

The Sri Lankan cricket team beat India at the 2014 Twenty20 ICC World Cup tournament played at Bangladesh yesterday and emerged the champions much to the delight of Sri Lanka cricket fans.

The prize money for the winning team is USD 1.1 million according to the 2014 Twenty20 ICC World Cup official website. This prize money is for the Sri Lankan team.

India which ended as the runner-up will receive USD 550,000.

Apart from these, the teams which had reached the semi final and were defeated would receive 275,000 each.

Meanwhile, each winner at the final round of matches among the 10 teams would receive USD 40,000.

Accordingly, the Sri Lankan cricket team should receive at least USD 1.1 million as champions’ prize money and USD 40,000 as winners in the final round of the matches.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Cricket announced recently that it had decided to pay the Sri Lanka team USD 1.5 million if wins the championship.

AdaderanaBiz earlier reported that this amount would be paid by SLC with the prize money and from its current bank deposits.