SLT celebrates its 160th anniversary by empowering 160 schools

February, 6, 2018

The leading telecommunication in the country, Sri Lanka Telecom celebrated its 160th anniversary by conducting programmes to share knowledge and technology with schools in rural areas, enhance the well-being and protect the environment. Since establishing in 1857, SLT is successful in carrying out its social responsibility by connecting people, strengthening social relationships of Sri Lankans as well as positively contributing to the national economy. Throughout 2017 SLT celebrated commemorative events across the country by holding a special project named “160 School Development Program” to contribute to the well-being of the society.

This programme was instrumental in establishing infrastructure facilities for information technology and telecommunication facilities in these schools proving the future generation the opportunity to engage in their studies in hand in hand with the modern technology. Facilities provided under this project included a free Broadband Connection –LTE or ADSL ( WIRED ),  a web Family Plus package with 12 month rental free offer and a free Wi-Fi Router as ICT infrastructure facilities. In addition, ICT lecture comprised of O/L syllabus was also conducted at each school.

SLT also provided English books to school libraries aims at cultivating the habit of reading among students especially the books written in English language. The Sisu-connect facility was also established enabling to build up good communication among parents and children.

During the project it was also emphasized the significance of the  traditional rice, its nutrition values & medicinal benefits, conducted health awareness  workshops  about how traditional rice eating habits  can reducing the risk of developing diseases and preserving the environment.

Awareness of ‘SLT Re-cycle of CFL bulbs & florescent tube lights program to keep Mercury out of the environment was the highlight of this programme.