Softlogic acquires Bata

September, 19, 2023

Manufacturing License and Distribution Rights & Exclusive Retail Franchise Rights of the Renowned International Brand "Bata" and the Acquisition of Footwear Retailer Ltd

Softlogic Holdings PLC announce that the Company's fully owned subsidiary, Softlogic Retail Holdings (Pvt) Ltd has been granted the manufacturing license and distribution rights and the exclusive retail franchise rights for "Bata" and Bata products in Sri Lanka.

Softlogic Retail Holdings (Pvt) Ltd has also acquired 100% stake in Footwear Retailer Ltd, formerly known as Bata Shoe Company of Ceylon Limited on 14th September 2023 for a value of LKR 293,000,000/-, the incorporation of which company dates back to 1950 and has over a period of 73 years manufactured and distributed Bata products in Sri Lanka.

Footwear Retailer Ltd (Bata Shoe Company of Ceylon Limited) employs over 150 staff and Is equipped with a manufacturing plant in Ratmalana, a wide network of retail stores and department stores with a product portfolio of more than 20 brands and labels, such as Bata, North Star, Power, Bubblegummers, Weinbrenner, Sandak, Ambassador.

"Bata" is a well-established international brand for high quality, scientifically and uniquely designed footwear and in the Sri Lankan context, a renowned household name since the 1950s.

Softtogic Retail Holdings (Pvt) Ltd wishes to embark on the journey to revive and reposition "Bata" and Bata products by bringing it back as the No.1 brand In the footwear industry in Sri Lanka.

Softlogic Retail aims to tap into Bata's deep history and evolution of Interweaving technology and unique designs in manufacturing Bata footwear and to open the gateway for new seasonal designs to be launched In Sri Lanka concurrently with the Bata's international seasonal launches, giving the customers the experience and opportunity to purchase the season's newest, best quality and unique footwear in Sri Lanka.

Softlogic is the pioneer in introducing international brands to Sri Lanka and dominates the market with its experience In the distribution and retailing of international brands including footwear brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, Skechers, Aldo, Joma, Cantebury, Pegada, Vizzano, Moleca, Language, Converse, Charles Et Keith, Clarks, Birkenstock, Crocs and Havaianas.