Softlogic to touch USA and Middle East with a Software Solution for Middle and Large Hospitals

August, 24, 2018

Sri Lanka’s Softlogic Holdings PLC has increased its’ footprint to USA and Middle East with a Software Solution developed for medium to large hospitals that was launched in the USA and the Middle East during the financial year 2017/2018, gaining traction despite intense competition.

Company’s latest management review outlines that during the year Softlogic set up operations in the USA and Middle East, widening the global footprint by partnering with specialized local companies in those markets. This has allowed Softlogic to widen the customer reach in the Financial Year 2017/18.

Company highlights that their strategy in ICT (Information Communications Technology) segment is focused on consolidating operations in Australia through value added services and world-class solutions while deepening market penetration in USA and the Middle East.

Softlogic’s Australian venture provides customized software solutions across a range of industries and is positioned for strong growth following a restructure of the company and recapitalization. It is one of the top providers of menu management and food production software (ChefMax®) & resource management solutions (Invisible Systems®) in Australia.

- Reporting by Devendra Francis