Sound of Peace essential for development – By Prof. Samitha Hettige

May, 16, 2023

Many centuries ago, Chinese people developed a talent to convert Celadon ware into musical instruments. It was basically shaving a Celadon to the thickness where it emits sounds when touched or rubbed. The sounds depended on the curvature of the bowl's edge and the overall thickness. The Chinese civilization has produced many thousands of eminent scholars (including Confucius who lived during the times of the Buddha). It is believed that Celadon music originated among them. Whenever they gathered for a drink a meal, they would play music on Celadon ware relaxing with their favourite poetry recitals. It was the scholars in China which formed the Communist Party of China but they never fought for positions within the party. They were visionaries who wanted the best for China. A practice which is linked to such people is indeed important & proves the impact music makes on developing the intellectual capacity of humans. Musical instruments made of Celadon are a union of two traditional Chinese arts (pottery & music). Even at present these instruments are available various shapes & sizes with unique sounds & tones (Ref. Chinese history).

Throughout the centuries Chinese civilization has emitted sounds of peace. As a result it continues to attract wealth & new knowledge from all parts of the world into China. At the same time China contributes to global human development through the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). BRI is China’s global trade & logistics network which has so far (since 2013) directed more than 50 billion USD worth Chinese FDIs into partner countries. The Colombo Port City & Hambantota sea & air ports are part that. Thus China has given SL the Celadon ware to emit music to attract the world. Using them to emit music is the responsibility of citizens & their elected representatives.

Music for Trincomalee

It was reported that there was a conflict situation in Trincomalee when a group along with the one they voted, protested near the archaeological site where an event to mark the 270th anniversary of the higher ordination was to be held. Sri Lankans of all faiths should remember that attracting the world as investments or as tourists is the need of the hour to get the country out of the crisis. All citizens & officials should be continuously reminded to develop an attitude to promote places of tourist interest to the world. This particular place & the event is also a good opportunity for people in Trincomalee to promote the district among potential tourists (especially from the Far East) to earn money for the district & the province. People in the North & East have more places to promote to earn more money. Indonesia is world’s most populated Muslim nation. Still they promote historic Buddhist locations scattered across their vast territory comprising thousands of islands such as Borobudur to attract the world.

(Views expressed are personal)