Sri Lanka has world’s lowest data tariffs: Anusha Palpita

March, 18, 2014

Sri Lanka is the country with the lowest tariffs or rates in the world for internet data that the public normally uses as ADSL and WiFi, says Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Director General Anusha Palpita.

He told AdaderanaBiz that currently there are nearly two million internet connections in Sri Lanka and it is being targeted to increase this number to four million by end 2016.

“Sri Lanka is the country with the lowest rate for internet data. On the one hand, this may be an obstacle to the widening of internet facilities in the country. If rates fall to such a level where profits cannot be gained as a business then it may not encourage the companies to widen this business venture. Hence, it is important to maintain these rates while at the same time safeguarding the companies doing this business,” said Palpita.

Palpita added that Sri Lanka was well ahead when compared to the quality of data connections around the world.