Sri Lanka Secures 2nd place at Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2019

November, 28, 2019

The Sri Lankan delegation secured second place overall at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards 2019 held from 19th to 22nd November, 2019 at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

APICTA is an alliance of national ICT organizations to build and enhance a mutually cooperative network to promote ICT across the Asia Pacific region with 16 permanent member countries. BCS Sri Lanka Section(BCS the Chartered Institute for IT Sri Lanka Section) and FITIS (Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka) Software Chapter jointly represent Sri Lanka at APICTA since 2003.

This year, a total of 35 products were selected to represent Sri Lanka. The entries comprised of 29 products nominated by the BCS Sri Lanka Section in Commercial and Tertiary Student projects categories and 06 products nominated by the FITIS Software Chapter in Secondary Student projects Category. The nominees from BCS Sri Lanka section were selected out of the winners of the National ICT Awards 2019 (NBQSA). This BCS Sri Lanka Section initiated project has been at the forefront of showcasing outstanding ICT products from the local ICT industry to the international level since 1998. The secondary student nominees were selected from the Young Computer Scientist (YCS) Competition conducted by FITIS Software Chapter.

Sri Lanka won a Total of 11 Medals – 2 Golds and 5 Merits from the Commercial Categories, 1 Gold and 2 Merits from Tertiary Student Category and 1 Merit from Secondary Student Category.

The Gold awards were won by Arimac Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., Epic Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. and University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Arimac Lanka (Pvt) Ltd won a further three merits, along with merits from Omibio Pvt Ltd, ITX 360, Informatics Institute of Technology, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology and Rahula College, Anuradhapura.

The gala awards ceremony was held on 22nd November 2019 at the Diamond Palace, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. The event also saw APICTA honour their Immediate past Chairperson, Dr. Dileepa De Silva from BCS Sri Lanka Section for the yeoman services he has rendered to the development of the organization since 2003.