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Sri Lankan company prepared to manufacture speedy electric car recharging units

September, 28, 2015

Sri Lanka Vehicle Importers’ Association Chairman Indika Sampath Merinchige said that together with a local company they are prepared to manufacture a speedy recharging unit capable of recharging an electric motorcar within minutes.

A Sri Lankan company Vega has come forwards to undertake this production, Merinchige added.

“Installing a speedy electric motor vehicle recharging unit is costly. Vega has joined us to produce these recharging units at a lower cost than the imported units, Merinchige added further.

Wasana Trading Company has already installed some 100 normal recharging units island-wide of which six units are planned to be set up at the Welipenne resting area along the Southern Expressway.

Currently electric motorcars are becoming popular in Sri Lanka.