‘Sri Lankan government has impressed me’ – George Soros

January, 7, 2016

Pioneer of ‘The Open Society’ and large-scale financial investor George Soros who attended the ‘Sri Lanka Economic Forum 2016’ which began today (07 January) said the achievements of the Sri Lankan government within a short period has impressed him.

“I researched Sri Lanka when I was invited to this forum. I was impressed by what the Sri Lankan government has achieved within such a short period. We are prepared to assist the government to continue these programmes further. The members of my foundation in charge of this region including Asia are here with me. Similarly, the investment decision makers in my business are also here,” said George Soros.

While adding further, he said that the situation faced by China within the current global economy has severely affected the economies of all developing countries.

This economic forum is being held today and tomorrow at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel complex.

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