Sunlight presents ‘Best Ever Sunlight’ for the ‘Best Ever Year’

January, 19, 2022

With the dawn of the New Year, Sri Lanka’s most loved brand, Sunlight, launched its ‘Best Ever Sunlight’ to mark the beginning of the ‘Best Ever Year’ in 2022. The brand brings its ‘Best Ever’ detergent powder range in four familiar and loved fragrances: Rose, Sakura, Jasmine and Lemon; all which comprise a Double Perfume Lock that gives a long-lasting fragrance to clothes, a key driver that consumers look for when purchasing a washing powder.

Kickstarting the New Year, the Sunlight team came together with Unilever to invoke blessings on the country and its people to have the ‘Best Ever Year’. As such, religious ceremonies were conducted in various places of worship across all faiths on New Year’s Day and once again on 3rd January in key locations of the country, covering the North, South, East and West. The religious ceremonies were held at the Thewatte Church - Ragama, Sri Dalada Maligawa, Sri Venkateshwara Maha Vishnu Kovil and Sheikh Usman Masjid, further enhancing Sunlight’s commitment to strengthen bonds with care amongst communities.

Sharmila Bandara, Marketing Director - Home Care, Water, Foods & Refreshments – Unilever Sri Lanka said, “With the start of the New Year, we are excited to introduce our new ‘Best Ever Sunlight’ detergent powder range that will improve and enhance the washing experience of every household in the country. As a brand renowned for care that goes beyond clothes, we are also pleased to be able to do our part in living the purpose of Sunlight - ‘Strengthening Bonds with Care’ - within our community by uniting as one nation to invoke blessings on our country and its people from all religions to make 2022 the Best Ever Year!

Introduced in Sri Lanka over 135 years ago, Sunlight is an iconic household name that has won the hearts and minds of Sri Lankans across the country, having understood the local values and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. It is also the current market leader in the local laundry category. Regardless of race and religion, Sunlight recognises the importance of strengthening bonds with care, be it in fabrics or human hearts. As such, the brand has, for years, taken this message across the country and aspires to welcome all diversities of the community and unite every Sri Lankan around the island.