Sustainable Dairy Development: A Value Chain Approach

January, 27, 2020

The dairy industry of Sri Lanka is in a transitional stage. The newly emerging large and medium scale dairy operations may convert dairy from livelihood operation to a profitable industry. Accommodation of local production in the market chain has become a challenge. Therefore, the development of infrastructure such as milk collecting networks, facilities for value addition and further processing and quality assurance will be required for smooth functioning of the value chain.

Due to this reason, Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership Program (SAPP) together with All Island Dairy Association (AIDA) and Market Oriented Dairy (MOD) Project organized a two-day workshop on ‘Sustainable Dairy Development: A Value Chain Approach’, which was successfully held from 13-14 January 2020 in Colombo, focusing on the functioning of the dairy sector in Sri Lanka.

The aim of the workshop was to reveal the constraints and create a dialogue on strategies needed for improving an enabling environment, which will facilitate smooth function of dairy value chains at national level.

Direct and Indirect member organizations identified the challenges and strategic interventions in the dairy value chain in Sri Lanka with special emphasis on factors that empower the value chain such as Input Supply, Consumer Market, Extension Service, Processing and Value Addition, Quality and Safety of End Products, Finance and Insurance.

This event received the participation of stakeholders and representatives of public as well as private sector dairy producers, related ministries and government departments, policy makers, bankers and insurance providers, cooperatives, academia and research and development partners who benefitted from the program.