Synergy of history, reality, theory & practice – Lesson from the Communist Party of China

January, 16, 2023

By Prof. Samitha Hettige

The Communist Party of China (CPC) was formed in 1921 by Chinese intellectuals with the objective of raising Chinese people out of poverty within 100 years. The responsibility of taking China forward was rested on the youth of the era by the founders & after 30 years they established the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) in 1949. The centenary goal of the PRC is to build a moderately prosperous socialist republic by 2049. The Chinese people under the guidance of the CPC reached the first centenary goal by eradicating poverty within China in 2020. SL gained independence from the occupying British in 1948 and still seems lost although it boasts of culture, history & long geopolitical role in regional affairs spanning over 2500 years.

The speech President Xi Jinping delivered during the first group study session of the Political Bureau of the 20th CPC Central Committee will be published in this year's 2nd issue of the “Qiushi” Journal (flagship magazine of the CPC Central Committee). SL is struggling to recover from the economic crisis which is made in Sri Lanka according to many analysts. Reading President Xi’s views will be useful especially to SL’s next generations.

"Only through comprehensive, systematic and thorough study can we have an overall, accurate and complete understanding of the spirit of the congress and clearly know about our tasks, goals and the ways to accomplish them, thus laying a solid foundation for the full implementation of the spirit," said the President.

For SL which proudly boasts about a long history below views may be very useful if it really wish to standup at least by 2049. The President also stated that combining history with reality, theory with practice, and the international landscape with the domestic situation is vital. He recognized multiple reflections to chew over both each of its aspects and the issue as a whole to gain a comprehensive understanding. According to him the understanding will be otherwise one-sided or on the surface only. Not focusing on above seems to be one of SL’s serious mistakes. President Xi valued upholding the fighting spirit, confronting various risks & challenges with courage, and being brave to overcome various difficulties, and unswervingly implementing the decisions and plans collectively developed (Ref media).

In the aftermath of the 20th CPC session, Vice Minister Chen Zhou is in SL to discuss bilateral relations especially along the development drives of the Belt & Road Initiative. Sri Lankans should analyze the past, present and future & persuade their elected representatives to work with good friends to come of the crisis. Responsibility in the end rests with the general public.


Photo: Vice Minister Chen Zhou, International Department, CPC Central Committee