The better way to foil forged Rs. 5000 note racket

March, 26, 2014

The better way to minimize the printing of forged currency notes is to raise awareness among the public on ways to identify such currency notes, an official of the Sri Lanka Central Bank’s Currency Department told AdaderanaBiz.

She made this comment in response to the questions regarding the incident where the Rs. 5,000 currency notes that Dulanjalee Jayakody had tried to deposit in a private bank had been found to be forged.

She added that while conducting raids to detect forged notes it is also better to raise awareness among the public on how to identify these forgeries from the genuine notes. The Central Bank’s Currency Department is continuing to raise such awareness programmes among the public, she added further.

“We will introduce more such awareness raising programmes soon. It is difficult for us to say there has been an increase in the printing of forged notes. These forgeries are being detected possibly due to the awareness among the people,” she commented.

A stack of forged notes have been detected from the residence of the person who had given the money to former President R. Premadasa’s daughter Dulanjalee and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is reportedly still questioning her.

When Dulanjalee Jayakody had tried to deposit a sum of Rs. 02 million with a private bank at Cinnamon Gardens in Colombo last evening, all the 400 Rs. 5,000 notes were found to be forged.