The practical chapter of SL history

March, 22, 2023

By Prof. Samitha Hettige

President Xi Jinping visited the Russian Federation recently for the ninth time marking the beginning of new world order according to analysts. Before being elected President, Xi visited the USA during the Obama administration. Russia was the first country he visited after assuming the high office & he is the most powerful man ever to visit SL since independence when he created history by launching the Colombo port city in 2014. It was the first time SL attempted to expand its land mass & is a never before opportunity to revamp the crisis hit economy. Therefore, Sri Lankans shall remember President Xi as long as its civilisation lasts. China & Russia are permanent members of the UN Security Council & have unconditionally protected SL whenever there were allegations against SL.

At a time when western agenda is indicating its bankruptcy by issuing an arrest warrant on President Putin, President Xi & Chinese people proved the progressive path of human civilization by revamping bilateral relations. Indian relations with Russia & Chinese links with the Middle East add to the world peace equilibrium.

Military analysts indicate that the USA didn’t issue arrest warrants on Emperor Hirohito of Japan after WWII since Japan surrendered its secrets on Biological weapon under that condition. Those who issued the arrest warrant on Putin may not be concerned about the views of the people of Iraq, Libya & Afghanistan on how their occupiers in recent times committed crimes against humanity. When Chinese peasants were used as laboratory rats by the Japanese army according to analysts similar arrest warrants should have been issued if there was impartial checks & balances in the 1940s.

During the past seven decades Russia, China & SL relations have been always positive. Both super powers have assisted SL to prevent conflicts within by up lifting the quality of life of the masses in many ways. China helped to fight famine in 1952 by signing the Rubber Rice pact & with many more gifts going down to fuel for the northern fisher folks, school uniforms to rural school children & even materials for police uniforms in the recent past. At a time when SL was technically isolated globally, it was Russia which donated the first ever satellite earth station at Padukka to connect us to the world. SL is recovering with great difficulty & it is time to work like India which deals with all good friends to stabilize the economy. SL just received the IMF support which will elevate its image even in a little way. Trading with; India in Indian Rs, China in Yuan & Middle East in those currencies is another practical way to be strong.  Win-win cooperation between India, China, Russia & the Middle East should be maximized at every step for SL to go to the next level. Russia has proven to be a sincere friend since 1917. Others are  friends for over 2500 years.

There is nothing new under the sun – Aristotle

(Views expressed are personal)