Toyota Lanka on look out for recalled vehicles in Sri Lanka too

April, 10, 2014

Reports in the international media yesterday indicated that manufacturers of the popular Toyota motor vehicles was recalling 6.4 million of its vehicles world-wide due to various manufacturing defects.

When AdaderanaBiz inquired from Toyota Lanka General Manager – Services, Matheesha Samaranayake whether there are any such defective vehicles among those sold in Sri Lanka as well, he said, “We are very cautious about this. Japan will provide more details about this very soon. We expect to convey the results to our customers within the next two days.”

“The earlier recall of the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles due to technical defects affected Sri Lanka as well. We are already in the process of rectifying the technical defects in the vehicles already sold in Sri Lanka.

“If there are any technical problems with the Toyota vehicles already sold in Sri Lanka, we are prepared to bring back such vehicles to the company and rectify the defects,” Mr. Samaranayake assured.

Toyota decided to recall 1.9 million of its Prius hybrid vehicles last February to rectify a software issue which caused the vehicles to suddenly lose speed.