Unprotected Railway Crossings in the country to get Protection Systems from Hungarian firm

August, 17, 2018

Recent Cabinet Decisions notes that a Hungarian firm Muszer Automatika Ltd., as per the recommendations by the Government of Hungary to Sri Lankan Government had been received the nod to install 417 Railway Level crossings with Hungarian government’s financial assistance.

The Cabinet decision further outlined that there are 1,337 Railway level crossings within Sri Lanka and out of those the protection system functions only in 520. In addition, action is being taken to install protection systems in another 400 level crossings.

Accordingly the Hungarian Government has agreed to provide financial assistance for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the balance 417 level crossings, and the proposal made by Nimal Siripala de Silva, the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, to call for proposals from M/s. Muszer Automatika Ltd. recommended by the Government of Hungaria for the implementation of this project, had been approved by the Cabinet.

Műszer Automatika Kft. (Ltd) is the leading independent supplier of signal and safety product solutions for the railways industry according to the company’s profile. Their products and services range from signal engineering, assembly and wiring, field installation and commissioning, and servicing.  Presently company employs 160 people, including 58 engineers. Company had been participating successfully in several national and international signaling projects including railroad track design, technical development, and product sales for more than 25 years.


- Reporting by Devendra Francis

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