We Secure Ocean

September, 18, 2023

As a responsible and forward-thinking organization committed to the protection of the environment, Hambantota International Port recently invested in oil spill contingency amenities to ensure that we are well-prepared for any type of emergency. Our commitment to safety and environmental preservation drives us to take these precautionary steps.

By conducting periodic drills, our teams are able to identify any weaknesses or gaps in their response plans and make necessary adjustments. Additionally, the simulations allow our teams to familiarize themselves with the equipment and protocols, ensuring a swift and efficient response in the event of an actual oil spill emergency. The port collaborates with Marine Services, Port Control, and Energy Services to create a comprehensive emergency response system, adhering to the ‘National Oil Contingency Plan’ and planning drills under the guidance of the management of HIPG and HIPS. HIP is not only committed to facilitating global trade but also ensures the protection of our pristine marine environment and biodiversity.


Image Caption : Captain Ravi Jayawickreme, CEO, HIPS, Inspiring the team with comprehensive emergency advice and contingency plans