What happened to cash collected by Gammanpila?

April, 2, 2014

Creating a new political culture in Sri Lanka, Jathika Hela Urumaya candidate Udaya Gammanpila contested and won at the just concluded Western Provincial Council election after conducting his campaign with cash collected from among the public.

Now Gammanpila says he is preparing the accounts on how these funds collected from among the public had been spent and that it would be completed within two weeks.

When asked when he expects to release these accounts, Gammanpila said that as promised earlier these accurate accounts would be made public within two weeks.

“I am now involved in preparing very accurate reports of accounts of the expenditures from the funds collected from the public. As promised, I will release these accounts within the next two weeks. It has to be said that more time than this is provided to listed companies to present their financial reports,” Gammanpila added further.