What has delayed Gammanpila’s financial report?

May, 20, 2014

While Udaya Gammanpila collected money from the public for his Western Provincial Council polls campaign and later said he would release a financial report of the funds utilized within a fortnight, it has not been made public so far.

When AdaderanaBiz inquired from him about this, he said that there was no suitable environment during the recent past for this to attract media attention and hence he had held back releasing the report.

The whole country had been embroiled in the casino issue, then the Vesak celebrations and then the war victory celebrations, he added.

“All I need is to create a favourable opinion within society by making this financial report public. Si it is essential to gain media attention for this. Hence, I hope to release these accounts by around next week,” Gammanpila further told AdaderanaBiz.