Car registration sets new record. Maruti Suzukis hog Sri Lankan roads

June, 22, 2015

Latest data reveal that following the new government slashing duties on smaller motorcars through its interim budget, the Maruti Suzuki motorcars registered in Sri Lanka in May 2015 has grown to 2,512.

While presenting the latest data, JB Securities Stock Brokers state that only 325 Maruti Suzuki motorcars registered in Sri Lanka during November 2014. By December 2014 this number had increased up to 1,100 and by January 2015 it has gone up to 1,363.

During May 2015, 2,311 Maruti Alto motorcars which has recorded the highest sales, have been registered in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, 384 Geely Panda motorcars marketed by Micro Motors Limited have been sold during May 2015 while it had sold 325 in April.

Sales of the recently most sold Honda Vezel hybrid motorcars has dropped to 308 during last May whereas 1,263 cars had been sold in Sri Lanka last January.

The registration of hybrid cars have dropped to 2,791 in May 2015 due to the government increasing the duty on such vehicles through the interim budget while 4,320 hybrid cars had been registered during January this year.

Accordingly, when compared to the same period last year, during May 2015 the number of motorcars registered in Sri Lanka has grown by 205 per cent to 5,999.

This is so far the largest number of motor vehicles registered in Sri Lanka within a month.