Ceffectz becomes the Winner of Red Herring Top 100 Best Startup company in Asia- 2016

September, 20, 2016

On the 14th of September 2016, Red Herring announced the top 100 winners of the ‘Best startup company in asia 2016’ at an awards ceremony held in Manila, Philippines. The winners were decided after the 168 short-listed finalists from 250 private companies faced the final challenge of making a live presentation at the red herring Asia forum. Ceffectz (Pvt) Ltd was represented by the Founder / CEO - Mr. Buwaneka Ranatunge. The competition brought together 250 C-level technology entrepreneurs, corporate strategists and venture financiers from 14 countries across the Asian continent including China, India, UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore. The competitors were selected based on a criteria which took into consideration the candidate company’s market size, it's IP and patents, it's financing, trailing revenues and management's’ expertise. Hence the winners are certain to be cutting edge companies with the capacity to grow and succeed. It was a perfect opportunity to explore the future of the Asian region as a global player in the fields of technology and innovation for startups.

“Ceffectz (Pvt) Ltd shows great potential and therefore deserves to be among the finalists companies” said Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of red herring. Ceffectz as a start-up based in Sri Lanka brings together collaborative imagination, newest technology and cutting edge designs in order to meet perfection in all its endeavors. They perform progressively in developing interactive Designs, User Interfaces, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Professional IT Consultations etc. to provide a valuable service to their customers. They believe that a reason for their success is building trust and establishing a clear understanding of customer requirements. Maintaining long term relationships with customers is nothing less than a priority. They also hold expertise in building iOS and Android apps because after all, life can revolve around a single mobile device. The team at Ceffectz is dedicated, talented and loves being creative at all times.

The products of Ceffectz are nothing but signs of brilliance and great potential. CV Showcase is a web/mobile application available for both apple and android users. It's the ultimate employment platform connecting both job seekers and employers. With everything you need at your fingertips, your dream job is only a click away. All you’ve got to do is complete your portfolio by adding skills and achievements. The system is efficient enough to suggest suitable jobs for you while you can still hunt on your own, because everything is organized and uncomplicated. It's an asset for employers since hiring the right employees can mark the difference between failure and success. With CV Showcase you can not only discover the best candidates but also make the recruitment process much easier and less time consuming. So much thought has gone into it that shortlisting and interviewing is made possible in a busy work environment. It's all about simplicity and professionalism, encapsulated in a single application. Simply putting, it’s technology enhancing convenience. CV Showcase is the perfect solution for everyone who faces challenges in the modern job market.

GreetlyApp which is another mobile application of Ceffectz is a perfectly designed alternative to real life greeting cards. With GreetlyApp you can wish anyone, anywhere in the world at any given time on any special occasion. The system has established a useful reminder service to make sure that the user remembers every special occasion, even when it's not kept on mind. The team at Ceffectz has created more than 1000 creative designs along with greetings but personalizing is still an option. This application is an initiative taken by Ceffectz to create a 100% green environment by discouraging the use of cards made out of paper. Their responsibility towards building an environmentally friendly alternative to solve common problems faced by the human community has been clarified.

Ceffectz (Pvt) Ltd is growing at an explosive rate as a startup and with effective leadership it’s seeking to seek the forefront in the industry. By fulfilling customer needs with careful attention and care it thrives to stand out from the rest. Understanding, communication, innovation and proper execution of ideas have surely had an impact on Ceffectz and its success story. Though much has to be done to attain perfection, Ceffectz is on the right track

Photo - From Left – Mr. Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring presenting the award to the winner Founder/CEO Mr. Buwaneka Ranatunge - Ceffectz receiving the award (to the right)