Celebrate the true essence of Love In style

February, 13, 2018

Every individual comes with a set of traits unique to them, making them special in their own way, and making another fall in love with their style, confidence and charisma. You walk in to a room full of people, and the first thing they notice is your smile & your style, the dress you have adorned, or the suit you have on. A gentleman in a perfectly fitted suit, sporting a flawless cut, radiating confidence is one that will never go unnoticed or forgotten. The woman walking along his side will be envied by many and admired by all for inspiring such a man to be at the pinnacle of success. That is how impressions are created. That is what makes one stand out, step up, be admired and loved.

Love - the most precious thing in the world is priceless and incomparable. Love must be celebrated, for it is the bond that holds families, friends and sweethearts together; and love is best celebrated every day. For many however there is one special day that we wait for to add a bit of magic into our life, just to make this celebration of love extra special. The 14th of February marks a distinct day in our calendar where many would plan eventful evenings, quiet moments or gifts stashed away until the right time has arrived.

With Valentines around the corner, Navavi Designers & Tailors are ready to celebrate the true essence of love by adding a bit of spark into your love gifts this season.  Navavi understands the significance of this moment to you, and are reaching out to the lovely ladies who wish to find the perfect and most meaningful gifts for the people they love. From ‘made to measure’ suits and shirts to shirting fabrics, a wide array of items are on offer for you to choose from.

Navavi is at the forefront of revolutionizing Fashion for Men and specializes in Be Spoke Tailoring, ensuring they give that perfect fit to every customer. In business for over five decades this brand is renowned for its high quality custom tailoring and has grown to be one of the largest ‘made to measure’ menswear brands in the market, providing gentlemen with high quality menswear that help them look and feel like a ‘million dollars!’ Its multi-channel customer experience allows customers to order made to measure shirts and suits in their own desired style, in-person at Navavi showrooms in Sri Lanka.  Thus Navavi makes it easy for customers everywhere to purchase the best made to measure shirts and suits at a great price, a unique offering reserved only for their customers.

The valentines offer at Navavi can be availed until 14th of February for the busy shoppers, and customers can choose any one or more as preferred.  Some of these offers are; 20% off on the range of suiting & shirting fabrics and a 10% discount on Rs.500 & Rs.1000 gift vouchers. Drop in to any of the showrooms in Galle Road – Col 4, Mount Lavinia or Majestic City and the store staff will be glad to help you.

You could also connect with the Navavi Designers team on 0115232038, WhatsApp & Viber on +94773026781, email, or like the fb page,

To our hopeful shoppers, let us not limit Valentines gifts to just your spouse or partner, but share this day with your father, brother or son and make it a moment of celebrating love as a family!

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