Committee to probe Security Services Headquarters construction project

August, 6, 2015

The Cabinet has appointed an official committee to investigate into and report on the activities of the Security Services Headquarters construction project being implemented at Akuregoda in Battaramulla.

The attention of the Cabinet has been focused on the report submitted by the officials’ committee on the following matters relating to a company which has been appointed to provide consultancy services to this project:

• This company has been selected without any competitive bidding processes

• The company has registered itself with the Registrar of Companies and the Sri Lanka Architects Institute only after being selected to provide the advisory services.

• The relevant authorities have not entered into a proper agreement to obtain the services of this company, and

• To obtain the advisory services for the entire project it has been decided to pay this company a sum of Rs. 606.032 million. Though a sum of Rs. 509.926 (83% of the amount to be paid) has been paid as of 31.05.2015, only 30.02% relating to the project has been carried out so far.

The Cabinet decided to investigate into these matters pointed out in the report of the officials’ committee report on this advisory company and take appropriate legal action based on the results of these investigations.