Creative Solutions Turns an Award-Winning Book into a Software Platform

October, 10, 2016

Creative Solutions’ completed the development of a software platform based on the award-winning and internationally acclaimed sales strategy book “Selling to Zebras” by Jeff Koser. The new cloud-based sales application is a result of Creative Solutions’ one-year-long collaboration with the Selling to Zebras company.
“When deciding to turn our concept into software we chose Creative Solutions because we’d received remarkable first-hand references from their clients,” said Jeff. “After one year of collaboration, we are very happy with our decision to partner with Creative [Solutions] and we are proud of the results we have achieved together.”

Clyde Casiechitty, Selling to Zebras’ team lead at Creative Solutions, and his team released the Selling to Zebras platform in early September. The platform is now available to businesses worldwide looking to radically improve and accelerate their sales processes.

Selling to Zebras uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate the lead conversion potential. Following the principles outlined in its namesake book, the platform analyses the user’s lead database and ranks leads according to their propensity to convert into customers.

“The design and development of lead scoring algorithms was challenging, but also very interesting,” said Clyde. “We worked on integrating Selling to Zebras with Salesforce, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and similar platforms to feed valuable data into the system. These along with other lead-specific data contribute to the lead scoring process that reveals the [lead] conversion potential.“

This process is descriptively named “ZebraSelling” as it serves to point out the most promising leads, known as “Zebras”, which sales reps should focus on. By investing their time and effort into the leads with most conversion potential, businesses accelerate their sales processes and increase revenue.

Clyde and his team are working on the next version of Selling to Zebras scheduled for release at the end of the year.