Dhammika Perera consolidates position at Hayleys

December, 1, 2015

Hayleys PLC Co-Chairman (Non Executive) Dhammika Perera has purchased over 50 per cent of shares of Hayleys PLC. He has purchased 210,809 shares on 16 November and another 117,052 shares on 18 November thus increasing his shares in the company to 50.15 per cent.

Earlier he owned only 49.71 per cent shares of Hayleys PLC, with his personal shares of 31,699,599 (42.27%), 3,400,000 (4.53%) shares of parties acting in concert with him and the 2,182,584 (2.91%) shares of another of his company, Vallibel One PLC.

Accordingly, Dhammika Perera and parties acting in concert with him now own 37,610,044 (50.15%) shares of Hayleys PLC.