Fairfirst Insurance introducing Mobile Screen Insurance for the first time in Sri Lanka

August, 15, 2019

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Fairfirst Insurance is offering Mobile Screen Insurance to protect your shiny phone surface from an accidental cracked screen or liquid damage. As an empathetic insurer, we understand the rock-solid relationship everyone has with their phone. At the same time, we also understand the inconvenience a damaged phone screen can have on your day-to-day life.

The mobile phone has become part and parcel of everyday life. However, like how all things break, your phone too can accidentally fall leaving your screen cracked or maybe end up with a soaked display. We understand the shattering feeling that comes with a cracked screen and a steep repair bill. Which is why Fairfirst offers a comprehensive Mobile Screen Insurance, where you’re guaranteed a complete peace of mind against accidentally breaking your screen or spilling liquid on it, despite the bullet-proof screen guard.

Fairfirst’s comprehensive Mobile Screen Insurance is backed by the support of an experienced in-house customer care team. Furthermore, we also provide you with attractive reasons as to why you should protect your mobile screen with us:

  • Instant peace of mind - a cracked or damaged screen (as a result of any activity) will be insured by us. What’s more is that we process your claim settlement within 24 hours
  • Hassle-free digital experience – we don’t like wasting your time with lengthy documents. So, we operate in a paperless transaction environment insuring you within seconds
  • Worldwide cover– don’t limit your coverage to only Sri Lanka when you can be covered while you travel the world too
  • New & Used phones– we provide insurance for brand new phones as well as old/used ones – we’ve got your back that way
  • Low prices– you can get your mobile screen insurance cover at almost the cost of a Screen Guard!
  • Reimburse up to the amount covered– if you decide to buy the policy, we will indicate a coverage amount. Once your claim is approved, the full payment will be provided so that you’re free to repair the damage with your regular phone shop guy
  • Buying a new phone? Top-up your existing warranty– with most areas covered by your warranty, an accidental damage to the screen is one area that’s not covered. So, in this instance your mobile screen insurance can be used as a top-up to complete the overall protection of your mobile.

Fairfirst Insurance is about making insurance easy and quick. Therefore, if you decide to obtain a mobile screen policy, it’s as simple as our 3-step online process:

Step 1- log onto www.fairfirst.lk and simply click on our quick quote to buy your policy online

Step 2 - we will send you a link for a quick online self-inspection of your phone, to make sure there are no existing damages

Step 3 - we'll activate your policy for you to be on your way not having to worry about your screen ever again

Fairfirst Insurance is part of the Canadian-based Fairfax Group. Fairfax, through its subsidiaries, has an international insurance and reinsurance business with a global underwriting reach, longstanding relationships and a broad product range. Fairfax has a strong foothold in the growing insurance and reinsurance markets of Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia and Brazil.

Photo caption: For the first time in Sri Lanka – Fairfirst Mobile Screen Insurance. Buy online now www.fairfirst.lk