‘Seylan Pahasara’ – nurturing Sri Lanka’s citizens of tomorrow

March, 21, 2014

Seylan Bank launched an island wide library project themed ‘Seylan Pahasara’ in its silver jubilee year, last year, with the mission of either giving a helping hand to ‘less fortunate’ libraries or establishing brand new libraries in 100 schools around the country.

This project was based on the respective infrastructure needs of the schools and with great attention paid to the learning content. Last year 2013, Seylan Bank successfully completed 12 school libraries located in ten districts and, during the first quarter of 2014 gifted another 14 libraries.

Three more such libraries are in the pipeline awaiting handing over on Wednesday 26 March 2014, when Seylan Bank celebrates 26 years of responsible banking and corporate success in the winning framework of ‘Beyond Just Banking’.

Ever since its launch ‘Seylan Pahasara’ has been a resounding success and attracted a very positive and encouraging feedback from thousands of schoolchildren from all parts of the country.

This has spurred the Bank to extend this project over the next three years and embrace more such schools around the country and thereby touch the lives of tens of thousands of deserving children in a significant and meaningful manner. A project of this nature, parallely touches the lives of teachers, school principals and even parents.

Seylan Bank takes pride in the 29 school libraries it has gifted to date across 17 districts. The journey continues with great momentum until the final goal of 100 libraries is reached.

Keeping in line with its corporate ethos, Seylan Bank’s Board Sustainability Committee chose ‘education’ as the pivotal point of its long term journey of Corporate Social Responsibility as enshrined in the corporate DNA of the ‘Bank With A Heart’.

Seylan Bank reaches out to the grass roots in an effort to rejuvenate larger stakeholder circles and fulfill their wide ranging interests beyond expectations. Seylan Bank realises its potential to nurture and create balanced citizens of this country, who in the long run, contribute to fostering progressive national development in an environmental friendly, socially responsible and economically feasible manner.

Seylan Bank’s task force works with a passion to serve the respective schools and the geographically located branch clusters. It carefully monitors the progress of the libraries and maintains a continuous dialogue with principals and teachers, whose collaborative efforts are used to inculcate the reading habit among students from their early years.

Through this library project, Seylan Bank is confident that it can also promote stronger and inspiring inter-personal relationships between students and create a conducive learning atmosphere, so as to groom their mindsets for greater responsibility and help them become productive and progressive citizens of quality and value to the entire nation.

‘Seylan Pahasara’ aims to build a sustainable bridge of stability that connects yesterday and today with a fruitful tomorrow, for all those who wish to move towards a very promising and victorious future.

Photo caption: Gifting libraries to schools as part of the ‘Seylan Pahasara’ project