Seylan ‘SURE’ rewards scheme brings speedy relief and wide benefits to customers

April, 1, 2014

Thousands benefit over the past twelve years with the most value for money savings rewards scheme

Seylan Bank’s SURE Rewards Scheme has, since its launch twelve years ago, significantly touched the lives of tens of thousands of people across the country.

This unique rewards scheme, and in fact the first of its kind in Sri Lanka’s banking industry, was launched way back in 2002 and has, over the past decade and more, brought a wide range of benefits and rewards to Seylan Bank customers, both young and old, in innumerable ways.

Focussing on four important facets of one’s life – marriage, the birth of children, the birthdays of senior citizens, and, surgery – this novel rewards portfolio has drawn critical acclaim from far and wide. Customers can enjoy these benefits by maintaining a minimum balance of Rs. 20,000/- in their normal Savings and Current accounts for six continuous calendar months for rewards at marriage and childbirth, and, twelve continuous calendar months for surgery and the 60th birthday.

The feedback Seylan Bank has had from its customers across the country has been very encouraging. In fact the Ratnapura Branch Manager C.N. Kularatne was pleasantly surprised recently when he received a letter from one of his customers Mr. W.G. Upali Weerasinghe, a Justice of the Peace from Kotamulla, Elapathe.

A grateful Mr. Weerasinghe wrote thus, “I have great pleasure to send you herewith my whole hearted thanks and sincere gratitude to you and your staff for taking immediate steps to grant me two hundred thousand rupees at a time I was very much distressed. Seylan being a Bank with a Heart sensed the weak beating of my ailing heart and contributed so compassionately to save it from death, for which I am ever indebted. I very sincerely wish that your bank will soon rise to the highest position from among all other banks in Sri Lanka”.

“Mr. Weerasinghe is one of a whole stream of customers who, have benefitted from Seylan SURE. Seylan is proud to be the Bank with a Heart. We not only feel the pulse of the masses, but are also totally in synch with the aspirations of the Sri Lankan public. Seylan SURE takes our commitment to the public, a step further, as we endeavour to constantly innovate and add even greater value to our portfolio of products and services to the citizens of Sri Lanka, said Seylan Bank’s DGM Marketing Tilan Wijeyesekera.

As its name rightly suggests, Seylan SURE is a specially developed rewards scheme which brings gifts and cash rewards to current and normal savings (both individual and joint) account holders who maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 20,000/- with the Bank.

Account holders who maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 150,001/- receive special cash rewards of Rs. 15,000/- at marriage and also on the birth of every child.

Seylan Bank account holders can further benefit from a cash grant of up to Rs. 200,000/- (depending on the balance maintained) when they have to undergo surgery at a private hospital and upto Rs. 100,000-/ at a government hospital. This includes cataract operations too. This facility is also extended to the account holders’ immediate family members, as defined by the Bank.

Furthermore, all senior citizen account holders will be rewarded with a valuable wristwatch on their 60th birthday, and, depending on the balance maintained, a cash gift of Rs. 5000/- too.

Account holders who maintain regular balances in pre-specified slabs of Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 30,000/-, Rs 30,001- to Rs. 60,000/-, Rs. 60,001/- to Rs. 90,000/-, Rs. 90,001/- to Rs. 150,000/-, and Rs. 150,001/- upwards, are entitled to the rewards. The slabs required to be maintained to get the amount as rewards are the highest offered by any rewards scheme in the industry. The key difference between Seylan Sure and some other benefit schemes in the market is the higher amount being paid out as a percentage of the balance required to be saved. This therefore becomes the most value-for-money savings rewards scheme on offer in the banking industry.

“As one of our long standing and successful products with a heritage of twelve years, Seylan Bank’s SURE Rewards Scheme is now poised to touch the lives of more Sri Lankans in the years to come. Our 150 strong, island-wide branch network is connected real-time and is fully geared to deliver the Bank’s exciting and wide ranging portfolio of products and services to our thousands of satisfied customers all over Sri Lanka and we hope that more of our customers would continue to benefit from this truly value for money rewards scheme”, affirmed Mr. Wijeyesekera.

Photo caption: Seylan Bank’s Ratnapura Branch Manager C.N. Kularatne handing over the cheque to Mr. Upali Weerasinghe. At extreme right is Assistant Manager Navindra Rajapakshe.