SkY CluB: Sri Lanka’s first ‘Aviation Sports Zones’

April, 1, 2014

The breathtaking and unique beauty of Sri Lanka coupled with the potential for development has opened up a plethora of possibilities to establish firmly the nation as the “Wonder of Asia” and a tourist hotspot.

The end of the war too has provided a sustainable, stable framework for new opportunities and ventures that will help boost the tourism industry.

SkY CluB (Pvt) Ltd with the approval and assistance of the Ministry of Defence, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Sri Lanka Air Force launched South East Asia’s first Aviation Sports Zone in Koggala on Saturday the 16th of February 2013 with an “Air show” of Sky Diving and Paramotoring. This is the first time a sport of this nature was introduced to Sri Lanka catering to the niche tourist market and the local market.

SkY CluB (Pvt) Ltd, is the first Sky Diving and Paramotoring Company in South East Asia - a distinction that Sri Lanka can surely be proud of. This venture will surely guarantee an enhanced flow of tourism and also an opportunity for local adventure seekers to experience Aviation Sports in Sri Lanka.

Motor Powered Para Gliding (Paramotoring) is the latest in recreational Aviation Sports. This sport is relatively risk free and is flown by qualified pilots. There are 3 types of Paramotors; the “Foot Launch” - where the pilot straps the motor onto his back; the “Solo Trike” - when the pilot sits in the small aircraft and the “Tandem Trike” - a two-seater aircraft which carries a pilot and a passenger to give the experience of a “Discovery flight”. Paramotors take off, fly and land with the aid of a parachute. It can be operated in a very small area. Paramotors fly at a low altitude and at a slow speed enabling the passenger an ideal opportunity to experience the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Sky Diving and similar airborne feats are what enthusiasts would desire to take on as a hobby or even as a once in a lifetime experience. Sri Lanka also proves to be an ideal location for such a venture because the weather plays a significant role in Sky Diving and Paramotoring, unlike many countries that close such operations during winter.

About Paramotoring (Motor Powered Para Gliding): Motor powered Para Gliding is the latest in Aero Adventure. It can be launched into still air from the ground. It is powered by a motor and flown using a parachute. The passenger is able to relax and enjoy the ride piloted by an experienced pilot.

“The aircraft will be flown at a low altitude and at slow speed ideally enabling us to showcase the beauty of the country which is a breathtaking experience. The flight lasts about 20 minutes but it can seem like a lifetime. This safe sport is under the control of a trained pilot and powered by a machine and flown with the aid of a parachute” said Suren De Silva Founder and Director
SkY CluB.

Locations of operation: Presently -Koggala, Benthota and Mundal (Puttalama)

Coming up: Trincomalee, Kandalama and Arugambay

Capacity: All Trike Tandems can carry a maximum of two adults (pilot and passenger) at a given time.

Maximum altitude of the flight: The altitude a Paramotor will be flown will be between 500 to 1000 feet.

Certification of Paramotoring Pilots: Safety wise, all Paramotoring pilots have been trained internationally by foreign instructors and are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka

International Paramotoring Events: SkY CluB will be hosting international Paramotoring events in partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority and Sri Lanka Tourism. Events of this nature are presently conducted around the world.

Para Motoring Stunts and Events: The team of experienced SkY CluB pilots will be able to offer stunts for events and special occasions. The Company has invested in a Paramotor Foot Launch and a single-seat craft for demonstrations and stunt flying.

Establishing Aero Sports in Sri Lanka will make the country an attractive tourist destination to the Adventure Seekers. Planned and carried out under proper procedures and guidance will provide a new experience to the local population and adventure activities to suit the foreigners. Proper safety methods and international standards will be adhered to in making Aero Sports a key activity. SkY CluB definitely will endeavour to create a positive image for the brand both locally and internationally.

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