Sri Lanka to implement Integrated Tourism Digital Platform (ITDP) to target US $ 7 Bn revenue from Tourism

April, 11, 2019

Cabinet Decisions released to public this week highlights that the Sri Lanka Tourism Strategic Plan 2017-2020 has been implemented with the objective of achieving the objectives of increasing the current income rate of US $ 3.5 billion received from the Tourism Industry up to US $ 7.0 billion, increasing local job opportunities in the field of tourism up to 600,000 and increasing the daily spending of tourists up to US $ 210 by the year 2020.


Accordingly Cabinet Decisions outlined that as such, it has been planned to introduce the Integrated Tourism Digital Platform (ITDP) as a technological platform of national level to improve the traveler experience of Sri Lankan travelers, tourism industry and the Global Security Image. This solution consists of three major components namely, Integrated Tourism & Travel Analytics, Integrated Global Airlines Information Consolidation & Traveler's Security Screening and Integrated Tourist Insurance & Safety Assurance. Accordingly, the proposal made by John Amarathunga, the Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs, to implement the said Integrated Tourism Digital Platform, under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) basis, was approved by the Cabinet.

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