Sri Lanka’s Credit Card outstand balance reaches Rs. 65,000 million

September, 13, 2016

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has revealed the number of active credit cards in Sri Lanka by end June 2016 was 1,205,422. This number had been 1,191,448 by end May 2015 and 1,142,231 by end December 2015, according to the weekly economic indicators release by the bank.

The indicators also reveal that from among the credit cards active by end June 2016, 30,043 have been for local payments and 1,175,379 had been with approval for global payments.

While it has been revealed that by end June the total outstanding on credit cards had been Rs. 65,433 million, the amount for global payment approved credit cards had been Rs. 64,630 million.

Below is a summary: