manusath-derana – A safe, comfortable, efficient and trustworthy transport service

November, 30, 2017

One of the main needs and requirements in towns, suburbs and even in villages is good quality transport facilities. Due to the travails of travelling in public transport, taxis have become so popular as a safe, comfortable, efficient and trustworthy alternative in Sri Lanka. But due to the unavailability of a standard Fare facility and an established and steady taxi service the customers are faced with many and varied problems and day by day their trust in these transport systems are being eroded.

With advances in technology day to day life has been made easier with the advent of mobile phones. Now the highly competitive taxi hire service business is also faced with using this communication technology to suit their requirements. Therefore, there is a facility to get vehicles to wherever the customers need them within a matter of minutes. Due to a standard fare structure, a safe, efficient and trustworthy service, with the ability to map out the fastest and shortest route governed by mobile apps – taxi hire services have become immensely popular in towns and adjacent areas. But they have identified that these facilities are not available to people who live in outlying areas as a major problem. To counter these problems Global (Pvt) Ltd takes pride in introducing the latest cab hire service which is also islandwide, trustworthy and truly efficient unfolding a new chapter in Taxi hire transport facilities.

To obtain the use of these facilities you only require an internet connection and a Smartphone. After downloading the app from either Google Playstore or Apple Store to your smartphone you have the ability to choose the vehicle you need for any trip you require to travel. Not only that you can even map out your entire route. You can also see the route of the vehicle you have chosen from its location coming to your location.

Then you the ability to map out the fastest and shortest route to your destination. So even a person who does not know the roads can easily find out the best route and travel efficiently to their destination.

Another specialty is that through you have the chance to experience a high quality and customer friendly service. We are also taking steps to raise the level of the taxi drivers who up to now has had a desultory and unenviable career outlook.

Another special facility from is the establishment of a standard fare system giving customers relief from exorbitant fare charges. This will offer customers confidence and relief when hiring our vehicles as opposed to the now prevailing cab services.

In addition, is making arrangements to offer customers a range of special facilities. These include a free insurance cover of Rs. one million and loan and leasing facilities.

We are also proud to state that we are the first and only taxi service to offer islandwide coverage. Therefore, our inauguration is scheduled to take place today (29/11/2017) at the Kingsbury Hotel and our islandwide voyage will be initiated and commence on 30th November 2017 from historic Kurunegala.

On the evening of this day we have made all arrangements to schedule a musical show entitled Colours Night at the Kurunegala Maligapitiya playground. Seeduwa Sakura musical group and a host of popular musical stars will be featured at this event.

We have now brought islandwide travelling facilities to your fingertips and are proud to supply you with a safe, efficient and trustworthy taxi service that’s suited to delight you.