VLCC introduces DNA-based Nutrigenomics for Scientific Weight Loss

January, 26, 2018

Premier wellness brand VLCC recently introduced the revolutionary, scientific weight loss and weight management treatment based on DNA and Nutrigenomics at its two centers in Colombo 7 and Nugegoda. The treatment which uses the patient’s own unique DNA make-up has been proven to be one of the most effective methods in use across the world today.

The treatment uses DNA test panels to identify weight loss and treat accordingly, while also carrying out health and nutrient scans, and skin and hair nutrition level testing. The VLCC Nutrigenomics test uses a person’s saliva instead of blood and is therefore completely pain free and can be done hassle-free as well. Patients who wish to obtain a DNA based test need to only do one test for their entire lifetime as the DNA make-up of a person does not change during a life span.

The test has the ability to predict diet issues, insulin resistance, and other disease likelihood based on family history etc. It also provides the necessary solutions for weight loss and gain. The body’s rapid metabolism time or the most active period can also be gauged. A person’s energy expenditure rate, appetite regulation and fat mobilization are some of the other results that can be measured.

VLCC uses a variety of different tests depending on the individual requirement of each client. The Weight Loss tests are further broken down into the Basic Go Getter test for those with no history of Diabetes personally or in the family, the Basic Challenger test for those with a history of personal of family Diabetes and the Fighter test for a stubborn case of weight loss for those who have tried and tested other methods to no avail.

The Nutrient Scan Panel test analyzes key nutrients for any tendency towards deficiencies and how it impacts our health. Major nutrients analyzed include Vitamin B12 and B6, Vitamin D, Calcium and Anti Oxidants.

The Health Scan Panel predicts genetic tendencies towards specific medical conditions more so if there is any family history. It also tells us how to manage an existing medical condition like PCOS, bone conditions, hypertension and heart conditions, Diabetes/ Hyperinsulinemia and gastric distress.

Skin conditions such as rashes, psoriasis, urticaria and acne, and hair ailments like the tendency of genetic hair loss etc. can also be gauged through the Skin and Hair Panel respectively.

VLCC has a team of professional health managers and doctors who provide the most accurate diagnostics for all weight loss related issues. For more information and to make an appointment please contact 0112 828 765/6 for Nugegoda and 0112 674174/5 for Colombo 07 to make your appointments or visit