Whopping year-end bonanza for ComBank Credit & Debit Card users

November, 20, 2019

More than 2,500 outlets of Sri Lanka’s leading retailers of goods and services have come together to ensure that Credit and Debit Card holders of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon can end 2019 with a bang of unprecedented proportions.

Covering every conceivable need from makeovers of their homes, overseas travel, vacations at top-notch hotels to a mind-boggling spectrum of shopping and dining, the special offers just unveiled by the country’s leading private bank encompass discounts of up to 50% and easy payment plans extending up to 60 months on card purchases countrywide.

While the discounts will be applicable at a cross section of retailers of clothing, footwear & accessories, jewellery, watches, lifestyle products, hotel stays, spa sessions, cosmetics and healthcare facilities, and can also be enjoyed at restaurants, online shopping sites, and supermarkets; the easy payments plans will be available on purchases of electronic home appliances and furniture from leading lifestyle brands and on dream overseas holidays purchased at participating travel agents and companies island-wide.

Credit Card offers including discounts of up to 45% and easy payment plans for 60 months will be in effect from 1st November to end December 2019 at 21 leading retailers of electronic appliances and furniture, the Bank said.

All other Credit and Debit Card offers commenced on 15th November. Deals will be applicable until the end of 2019 at 140 Clothing, Footwear & Accessory retailers offering discounts of up to 40% on both Credit and Debit Cards; 28 Restaurants offering discounts of up to 30% on Credit Cards and up to 20% on Debit Cards; 26 Lifestyle stores offering discounts of up to 50% on Credit and Debit Cards; 14 Jewellers offering discounts of up to 60% on Credit & Debit Cards; seven Watches and accessories dealers offering discounts of up to 40% on Credit & Debit Cards; five Hospitals offering discounts of up to 40% on Credit and Debit Cards for wellness packages; five Online Shopping sites offering discounts of up to 20% on Credit and Debit Cards; three Supermarket chains offering discounts of up to 25% on Credit and Debit Cards; and two retailers of spa products & cosmetics offering discounts of up to 20% on both Credit and Debit Cards.

Outbound holidays can be purchased on Easy Payment Plans of up to 24 months on Credit Cards at 35 partner Travel companies. This offer is valid until the end of June 2020. Meanwhile, discounts of up to 65% on Credit Cards will also be applicable for stays at 44 local hotels, and will run until the end of April 2020.

Commercial Bank Credit and Debit Cards offer year-round promotions covering a wide variety of services. Commercial Bank was the first bank to offer loyalty rewards for both Credit and Debit Cardholders under its Max Loyalty Rewards Points scheme. The Bank was also a pioneer in extending promotional discount offers which were traditionally only offered for Credit Cards to its Debit Cards.

Commercial Bank cards are the fastest growing cards in Sri Lanka and enjoy market leadership in Credit and Debit Card cumulative point-of-sale usage. The Bank offers a variety of Credit Cards in the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers of Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay Cards, as well as Visa Signature, World Mastercard, Visa Infinite, UnionPay Asia Prestige Platinum and UnionPay Asia Prestige Diamond Cards in the premium segment. The cards are equipped with ‘Tap’ n Go’ NFC technology and are backed by a strong NFC Point-of-Sale (POS) network.

The only Sri Lankan Bank to be ranked among the world’s top 1000 banks for nine years consecutively, Commercial Bank operates a network of 267 branches and 856 ATMs in Sri Lanka. The Bank won over 40 international and local awards in 2018, has received more than 25 awards to date this year, and been ranked among the 10 Most Admired Companies in Sri Lanka in 2019.