Ideal Motors unveils eco-friendly Mahindra showroom in Trinco

July, 10, 2019

Plans to build similar showrooms across the island


Ideal Group of Companies, an automotive after-market service provider focusing on premium segment of automotive brands in OEM markets,opened the first-ever eco-friendly Mahindra showroom in Sri Lanka in the city of Trincomalee.


The showroom was ceremoniously declared open by Nalin Welgama – Chairman of the Ideal Group, in the presence of Chaminda Wanigaratne – Director Automotive and members of the Ideal Group team and well-wishers.


With the introduction of Euro 4 fuel standards to Sri Lanka to ease air pollution, the country is moving towards a greener, cleaner future. Vehicles with engines that meet the Euro 4 standard emit significantly less particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide than the Euro 2 standard vehicles that have been in use in Sri Lanka since 2003. Aligning with this much-needed national initiative, Ideal Motors decided to open its first-ever eco-friendly Mahindra showroom with the Trincomaleeshowroom.


The key highlights of thismodern showroom are its range of environment-friendly features. Built in a spacious location with plenty of greenery, the showroom has been designed to maximise the use natural light and thereby reduce the need for interior lighting. Solar panels have been installed to power the entire showroom while LED lighting ensures that all interior lights conserve electricity. A rainwater harvesting system has been installed to reduce consumption of piped water and enable the showroom to use rainwater for various purposes.


Ideal Group Chairman Nalin Welgama said, “This new showroom demonstrates the commitment of Ideal Motors and Mahindra to contributing towards Sri Lanka’s efforts to embrace a greener future. We want to encourage our current and future customers to shift to eco-friendly automobiles and we feel this showroom will also serve to drive home the point of how all of us can contribute towards a cleaner, healthier Sri Lanka.”


Director Automotive of the Ideal Group Chaminda Wanigaratne said, “Introducing the Euro 4 standards to Sri Lanka is a step in the right direction and we therefore want to provide our valued customers the platform to upgrade to Euro 4 standard vehicles with ease. We are providing them with Mahindra vehicles that are manufactured to meet global standards in modern, spacious and eco-friendly showrooms and I am confident that they’ll be inspired and excited by what they see at our showrooms.”


Photo Caption - The first-ever eco-friendly Mahindra showroom in Sri Lanka was ceremoniously declared open by Ideal Group Chairman Nalin Welgama